Plant Stress Systems Biology group University of Arkansas, Fayetteville


The Plant Stress Systems Biology (PSSB) group at UAF conducts research on abiotic stress response and tolerance in plants using rice as a model crop with applications to other crops. We address the response of plants to abiotic stress conditions such as drought and high temperature, associated with climate change, in addition and interaction to other environmental stresses. Stress responses are studied at the transcriptome level using microarrays and RNA-Seq. Publicly available gene expression data is integrated to develop gene coexpression/interaction regulatory to identify key functional modules and corresponding regulatory genes. These networks are characterized by genetic perturbations such as mutants, natural variants and overexpression genotypes to derive regulatory networks associated to gene function, that are validated by protein-DNA and protein-protein interactions. Federal funded research supports work on systems level understanding on the basis of crop yield and abiotic/biotic stress responses.